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Most up and coming bands have dreams of fame and fortune, scoring No. 1 hits and platinum records, and becoming a household name. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, MELODIME, a rock band that blends haunting bittersweet melodies with emotionally rich vocals atop a bed of Southern-flavored alt rock, is not like most bands. Instead, MELODIME has something bigger in mind. Rhodes explains, “There are so many bands trying to do the same thing. But we want to do something with our lives beyond the music to show people that you don’t have to be famous to make an impact in this world.”

The project that’s helping MELODIME accomplish that goal is their new album, “Where the Sinners & the Saints Collide.” With the album fully funded by their loyal and ever-growing fan base during their “Make an album, change a life” campaign, the band is donating 100% of the profits from album sales to a non-profit foundation they started called Now I Play Along Too, which provides musical instruments and education for orphans, victims of disasters, and underprivileged kids locally and around the world.

Inspired by the gift of an anonymous person, they are continuing that story and putting instruments into the hands of people who would’ve never been able to afford them. The band is living the idea of looking outside yourself described best in, “Where the Sinners & the Saints Collide,” their thematic record about coming together, regardless of our differences, to do some good. “The album carries strong themes of redemption and has songs about picking yourself up from your boot straps, using those past mistakes and failures to make yourself a better person to help people who may be ‘lost and broken’ so to speak.” says Rhodes, who adds that the theme picks up where the 2011 album “3 Reasons For Fighting” left off.

MELODIME is what’s missing in music today – a band that tells stories from their deepest recesses of their hearts and souls; a band that seamlessly blends the musical past with the sounds of the future, and a band that isn’t just making an album for the greater good of their band. “Make an album, change a life.” It’s not just a campaign slogan; it’s their life goal.

Brad Rhodes

Guitar | Vocals

Brad Rhodes is a Northern Virginia native who began singing since the day he was able to speak. He found his calling at the young age of 11 years old when he mimicked some of his favorite rock heroes of the time. Six years later MELODIME was formed with two of his best friends, the Duis brothers. He describes MELODIME as a life-changing opportunity to reach others and make a positive impact through music. “It’s goes beyond chord progressions and lyrics that draws me to this art. It is the limitless possibilities and mystery of how music inspires others and us when we take the stage to perform as a band, enter the studio to record, or pick up a pen to write,” says Rhodes.

Sammy Duis

Keys | Bass

Not many kids are home schooled by choice, but Sammy saw it as a way to maximize his time playing music when not working on the family farm. After a few short years of piano lessons Sammy switched over to the bass guitar and quickly became in high demand playing in church circuits performing in 7 different countries before the age of 18. At this point he knew that music was his life calling. Since the formation of MELODIME he has challenged himself to incorporate his experience and wide range of musical influences. His artistry can best be seen on stage during a live show as he produces the sound of 3 or 4 musicians with his work on the piano, organ, and bass..

Tyler Duis


Tyler Duis, sometimes called “Tyg” for short, is the youngest of the Duis boys and was also raised on their horse and Christmas tree farm. Tyler began playing drums because his older brothers already started playing guitar and piano and drums seemed to be the missing piece to the start of a family band. However, like any startup drummer, practicing indoors was loud and disruptive so his parents made him move his drums the hayloft away from the house. For the next two years, he skipped out on many of his farm chores to practice in the hayloft. As a one of the founding members of MELODIME, Tyler is driven by the emotion that is evoked through performing and also witnessing how a musical bond can impact others and be a positive change-agent. In addition to drums, Tyler is a mulit-instrumentalist and plays the piano. He also hasn’t lost his love for their horse farm and can often be found tending the herd during his time off from touring with the band.

Jon Wiley

Guitars | BVGs

From the beginning, it was obvious that Jon Wiley would become a musician. He started performing at age 3 when his family would gather in their basement to watch him yell into a toy microphone and smash the buttons on a plastic guitar that played the recorded theme of ‘Sesame Street.’ From there, he quickly moved toward learning piano and taking guitar lessons. By high school, he was performing wherever and whenever he could at: recitals, school bands, church bands, etc. After studying music in college, he returned home to Fredericksburg, VA where he would make a name for himself as a go-to sideman for jazz, blues, r&b, country, and bluegrass; however, he never gave up hope that he would one day be in a band again. After meeting Sammy following a gig in the fall of 2013 he joined Melodime. Using his knowledge and experience of both rock music and country/bluegrass, his guitar, mandolin, and dobro rounds out an already unique and powerful sound.