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Acronis True Image License Agreement

By April 7, 2021 Uncategorized

License Family Pack. A single license is required to install up to three (3) machines in the same household. This BLUE is a legal agreement (hereafter referred to as “agreement”) between Acronis International GmbH (“Acronis”) and you, either an individual or a single entity (hereafter the “licensee”). This Agreement applies to any software, support, material, data, files and printed information, as well as any “online” or electronic (“software”) documentation that accompanies them and has been made available to the licensee at no cost or cost. This agreement prevails over other agreements or conditions incorporated into the software. They agree not to under-concede, rent, rent, lend, transfer or distribute newcomers to third parties; (2) correct, modify, adjust, translate or prepare works derived from the software; (3) decompile, redevelop, unpack or attempt to decompilize the source code of the software or reduce the software to a readable form, or to try, reconstruct or detect, by any means, source code or ideas, algorithms, file formats or interfaces for programming or interoperability of software or files contained or generated by software, unless expressly permitted by applicable legislation, regardless of this limitation, regardless of this limitation, without the prior and explicit consent of the licensee, these created works being derivative works and, as such, exclusively owned by the licensee; (4) to decipher or extract parts of software files intended for use in other applications, (5) to delete, conceal or modify the names of products, trademarks or patents, copyrights or other third-party ownership messages, or property attribution statements that are affixed or accessed in connection with or through the software; (6) the use of the software to provide services to third parties, whether for service, on-time participation or otherwise, without express written permission from Acronis; or (7) public dissemination of performance information or analysis (including, but not limited to benchmarks) of any source related to the software. You are responsible and responsible for the actions of your related companies, employees, agents and allerdritters, who have access to the software authorized by the licensee. By using the website and/or publishing documents, you accept Acronis, its senior executives, its directors, collaborators, successors, representatives, distributors and affiliates must compensate all claims, damages, losses and means (including legal fees) resulting from your violation or any alleged violation of this Agreement (including, but not limited to, third-party claims for infringement of intellectual property rights) or for any content provided by you (or by your I.D. user). They agree to cooperate in the defence of a claim in a manner that is as comprehensive as it reasonably necessary. Acronis reserves the right to take exclusive defense and control of all others you compensate.