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Agreement Between Sole Selling Agent And Manufacturer

By April 7, 2021 Uncategorized

18. This agreement is executed in two copies. The company retains the original and the distributor duplicates it. Each party bears the stamp duty to be paid for its copy. At WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties signed this agreement on the day and year written above. (11) The delegate may appoint sub-agents and representatives in the area covered by the single agency. Manufacturers cannot enter into direct or indirect correspondence or transactions with them. 4. Producers agree not to sell their products in the retail trade at the following prices. 19. Unless otherwise agreed, the recipients of the communication on all matters related to this agreement apply as follows: Is the distributor appointed to exclusive agents with the exclusive right to sell the company`s manufactured medicines throughout India; and 16. Any disputes, controversies, disputes that arise between the parties or with respect to this agreement or any violation of that agreement will ultimately be resolved by arbitration by two arbitrators, one of whom will be appointed by each party to the dispute, and arbitrators will appoint an arbitrator before assuming the burden of reference. The arbitral award given by the arbitrator is final and binding on the parties.

The company designates the distributor as the sole seller for the sale of all the medicines it manufactures throughout India and the distributor undertakes to act as such for the whole of India under the conditions it contains. 1. Manufacturers designate ______________as sole seller for the products they manufacture for the comprising_______________ has the exclusive right to sell producers` products in the area listed above. (9) The final agent has 20 days of credit for the payment of the price of the goods after receiving the goods. 15. The merchant deposits a sum of Rs………. to ensure its obligations under this agreement. This amount is not to be credited. This amount is refunded to the distributor after one month after the end of the contract, after adjusting the invoice between the parties.