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Siriusxm Radio Customer Agreement

By April 12, 2021 Uncategorized

1. Several subscriptions: You can have several radios and several subscriptions. Each subscription to the satellite radio service is linked to a radio. A separate subscription is required for each radio. If you have more than one subscription on your account, additional subscriptions may be eligible for reduced rates. To qualify and get a reduced rate, you must complete the following qualifications: (1) Your subscriptions must be in an account; and (2) You must have at least one active subscription to a full-price plan, which may be a Select, Premier, All Access or Premier Streaming package, a marine air or weather package or any other qualifying package. Test subscriptions and action or discount plans are not full-priced rates and cannot qualify for additional audio subscriptions at a discounted price. 1. Authorized devices: you are only allowed to access satellite service with devices authorized to receive satellite service. We do not manufacture radio or accessories that you can use to receive the service. We will not be responsible for any damage to your personal or real property, including your vehicle, your home or any other property resulting from the installation or use of the radio or accessories. Please refer to your owner`s manual or packaging for any important information regarding radio and accessories warranties. 3.

For customers who use our 360L service; Your relationship with our wireless provider: You understand and agree that you: (1) do not have a contractual relationship with our underlying mobile operator for your 360L service; (2) no third party gets an agreement between us and our mobile operator; (3) that our mobile operator has no responsibility to you, whether in the event of infringement, warranty, negligence, strict liability in the event of an unlawful act or by any other means; (4) that data transfers and messages may be delayed, deleted or refused and that 911 or similar emergency calls may not be completed; and (5) Our mobile operator cannot guarantee the security of wireless transmissions and is not responsible for the lack of security associated with the use of our 360L service. Our “360L” service refers to the service we offer to radios with a combination of the SiriusXM satellite network and a wireless Internet connection. Streaming Only Now Your authorized service customers with uneasy vehicles can enjoy a 3-month SiriusXM Premier streaming test subscription with over 300 channels in the app, online and at home – worth $39! This customer agreement (this “agreement”) between you (“Subscriber,” “You” or “you”) and Sirius XM Radio Inc.