Guitar String Bracelets


Road worn (used) guitar strings made into bracelets by the band! Each made to order. For an accurate measurement see size chart below

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All bracelets are handcrafted from guitar strings used by Melodime. Each one is customized by size, color, and accompanied by a charm (choose either the Melodime or Now I Play Along Too charity logo)

Availability of these keepsakes are limited. If materials run out, your name will be added to the waiting list. As strings become available, the band will ship your customized bracelet(s) following their next shows.

Be sure to select the accent color and your size.

Size Chart

MEASURING YOUR HAND: Keep your fingers as straight as possible, and bring them all together, touching your thumb to pinky finger (as though you were going to put the bracelet on). Use a tape measure, and measure your hand snuggly, at its widest part near the base of the thumb knuckle. This is the circumference. Click photo above to see an example of how/where to measure.

Standard Size            HAND CIRCUMFERENCE

S                                  7″

M                                 8″

L                                  9″

XL                               10″

2XL                             11″